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Thread: Date Time Format with SQL server

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    I am writing time formated hh:mm to a SQL server db feild<BR>I write with ADO and the format is correct...<BR>When I do an SQL Update i give it the same format<BR>but it write 1/1/1900 and the time variable i gave it...<BR>I have tried to use TO_CHAR and TO_DATE to format it in the SQL<BR>and SQL server tells me they are not valid functions.<BR>Verry annoying problem.<BR><BR>Yes the feild is of type datetime...<BR>and I formatting the variable before it gets to the update<BR>statement has no effect.<BR>The problem is the way the update statement is writing the time<BR>to the table... I know this much, I just cant format it for some reason.

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    Default Crosspost, answered in DB Q&A <eop>


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