Hi,<BR><BR>I need help on calculate the total hours and validate the total hours input<BR><BR>i have 3 text box called: FromTime, ToTime,TheTotal which i allows user to<BR>enter the total hours.<BR><BR>now i want validate the total hours they have entered<BR><BR>but with 2 condition:<BR>1)if employee work on sat and sunday fromtime =8.30am totime= 6pm , we need to deduct 45 minutes.<BR><BR>2)if employee work on sat and sunday fromtime = 8.30am totime =1pm , we dont<BR>need to deduct 45 minutes. let it calculate as normal 4.5 hours<BR><BR>how can i do it it will prompt user that the total they key in was wrong,<BR>if correct, then it will updated to database.<BR><BR>please assists<BR><BR>hoay fern<BR>