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    Can anyone tell me wheatehr all of the following ways to declare session arrays are valid. <BR><BR>1) session("Arr(i)") = some value<BR>2) Arr(session("i")) = some value<BR>3) session("Arr("session("i"))) = some value<BR><BR>When I use the 3rd methos ASP reports error. Is there any other method to store a value to session array having a session level index.<BR><BR><BR>----------------<BR><BR>

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    Unless im mistalen (and if so plz inform me), you cant make an array with session variables. What you can do however, is to store an array inside a session variable. ex:<BR><BR>Dim OrdersArray(2)<BR>OrdersArray(0) = "AAA"<BR>OrdersArray(1) = "BBB"<BR>Session("MyArray") = OrdersArray<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Rokea

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    Dim a(3)<BR>a(1) = "dont "<BR>a(2) ="do "<BR>a(3) = "this "<BR>Session("a") = a<BR>Response.Write Session("a")(1)<BR>Response.Write Session("a")(2)<BR>Response.Write Session("a")(3)<BR><BR>

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