What I really want is to know how I can detect that a file is being requested as it is being requested.<BR><BR>You see, I want to write a script in ASP/VBscript that will use the FileSystemObject to re-name any one of a number of banner-images according to the http address that the request is coming from.<BR><BR>There are about 150 pages on the web right now carrying my banner but they are all the same banner which is displayed on any of the pages by using the http addresss in the tag. They also all use the same link: http://www.whatever.com<BR>(my index page) to my site.<BR>So, I figured if I could somehow detect it when a webpage is pulling the banner image, I could then have a script react accordingly and re-name the desired banner image to the name of the image which already exists in the pages where my banner is being displayed.<BR><BR>Example: <BR><BR>affiliate #1 and affiliate #2 both link to the same banner image but when somebody visits their web-page, causing my banner to be loaded, my script detects the incoming request for the image made by the affiliates web-page, and according to which affiliate they are, re-names the appropriate image so that, that particular affiliate sees a particular banner-ad.<BR><BR>Please tell me if I&#039;m dreaming in techni-color or what...<BR>Thank you very much,<BR>Sincerely,<BR>Stryder.