Work around to "Sa" login and Blank Password

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Thread: Work around to "Sa" login and Blank Password

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    Default Work around to "Sa" login and Blank Password

    Hi,<BR><BR>When I installed SQL Server 2k on my database machine, I installed with userid=’sa’ and password as blank (did not specify anything).<BR><BR>Also I have some ASP applications running against this sql server with userid = SA and password as blank.<BR><BR>Now I realized the problem of using ‘sa’ and blank password and want to disable the “sa” login and use specific login’s created and be used by people who want to connect and by the front-end applications.<BR><BR>Please let me know how to disable / delete the ‘SA’ login. First of all can I delete the ‘sa’ login and is it safe to do so? BTW, When I tried to delete the ‘sa’ login in the “Enterprise Manager”. On the right click there is no option to ‘delete’, where as for other logins I can see the ‘delete’ option in the right click.<BR><BR>Lastly, Do I have to uninstall and reinstall SQL Server 2k to be able to disable the SA login? This option is not easy for me as the website is in production? Is there any easy way to achieve this?<BR><BR>Please make me clear about this as I am little confused about the while thing.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Shyam.<BR>

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    Default Fix it or Firewall

    You have 2 options:<BR>Firewall - Don&#039;t allow connetions to SQL from strangers (port 1433)<BR><BR>-OR- <BR><BR>Fix the problem<BR>1. Change SQL SA Password<BR>Enterprise Manager &#062; Security &#062; Logins &#062; sa &#062; (Properties)<BR><BR>2. Change Connection string on the Apps<BR>Find the ASP/ASA files and add the new password in.<BR> UID=sa; ----&#062; UID=sa; PWD=NewPass;<BR><BR>3. Change the DSN&#039;s <BR>Control Panel / Admin. Tools(on win2k) &#062; Data Sources (ODBC &#062; Configure the System AND User DSN&#039;s <BR><BR>

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    Default So dont delete it

    chagen the pwd that way one cannot access the db unless they have the pwd....then create a new loing for your apps/site to access

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