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    Hi<BR><BR>Can someone please explain the difference between logon acocunts and IIS accounts. <BR><BR>I log onto my machine as contractor1 and into the database as sosullivan. I have IIS running on my machine for the intranet but it will eventually be moving to another machine. My machine name is called prepress1.<BR><BR>My database is on a shared network drive. When I copy the database locally I can access the tables but when I access it on the network I get the reliable &#039;cannot open the file. Its already open or you dont have the permissions.&#039; error. The MS help says the IUSR_machinename needs to have the correct access to the network drive to create the lockfile.<BR><BR>How do I give permissions to the IUSR_Machine name. Who is it, where is it set up. Do I add it to the security file or do I need to create a network logon for it. Is it when I am using the asp pages I am really this account and when I am accessing everything else I am contractor1. <BR><BR>Please help because I am so confused.<BR>thanks,<BR>Sinead

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    Default IUSR_Machine is an account

    All anonymous IIS http requests are handled under the IUSR_Machine account. Typically, each folder in your web site has a permission entry for this user. Usually doesn&#039;t have "write" access.<BR><BR>If the folder/file being accessed doesn&#039;t have this user assigned, you&#039;ll either see a Windows login dialog box or permission denied depending on your server/client settings (could vary greatly).<BR><BR>All you should have to do is grant permission on the folder that the database sits in to IUSR_Machine. Right click on the folder and select security.

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