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    I am trying to detect normal HTML img tags and replace them with their XHTML equivelance using regular expressions, i.e. find:<BR>&#060;img blah blah blah&#062;<BR>replace with:<BR>&#060;img blah blah blah &#062;<BR><BR>I can detect the img tags using the pattern tips given on the ASPFAQ site however I am not sure how to replace it with the above format.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Afshin<BR>

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    try this out, from what i tested it works. hope it will in your case as well. i&#039;m a bit new to regular expressions, so this might not be the best approach, but give it a try:<BR><BR>sPattern = "&#060;img[^&#062;]*&#062;"<BR>set objReg = new regexp<BR>objReg.Pattern = sPattern<BR>objReg.IgnoreCase = true<BR>objReg.Global = true<BR>set sMatch = objReg.Execute(sOutput)<BR>for each match in sMatch<BR> iLen = len(match.value)<BR> temp = mid(match.value, 5, iLen-5)<BR> sOutput = replace(sOutput, match.Value, "&#060;img " & temp & "&#062;")<BR>next

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