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    can u embed asp code in activex objects? i have just finished a website using dreamweaver and want to implement asp to run queries fom a database

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    I think you&#039;re a bit confused...<BR><BR>You can reference the ASP objects (Response etc) from within components, however I don&#039;t think you want to do this...<BR><BR>DreamWeaver allows you to write ASP directly into it (in source view)... In fact, if you have Ultradev then you can easily do all sorts of simple database access as it&#039;s built in...<BR><BR>If you&#039;re wanting to write an ActiveX object and then insert it into a HTML page using DreamWeaver and use it to dynamically run queries... It&#039;s possible. I wouldn&#039;t recommend it though. For a start, you&#039;re talking about IE only. Then you have to convince people to download your ActiveX component (you won&#039;t catch me doing it!)...<BR><BR>ASP is really good at doing this all server-side (without ActiveX objects), and it&#039;ll output HTML which you can make cross-browser compatible. If you&#039;re having problems or just starting, try or is also pretty good for debugging.<BR><BR>Craig.<BR>

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