How to catch the STOP event

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Thread: How to catch the STOP event

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    Default How to catch the STOP event

    &nbsp;<BR><BR>Hi,<BR><BR>I need to catch the handle to STOP event on user clicking STOP on IE browser. Basically my aim is to kill a COM+ object on user stoping the request. The COM+ object is initiated and an interface called through the VB script.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Jitendra

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    Default You can't

    Just like you can&#039;t disable the back button<BR>Just like you ca&#039;t control if the user decides to press F5 to refresh the page.<BR><BR>These are things that are part of the browser and you can&#039;t play around with them.<BR><BR>I have heard that you CAN if and only if you create some sort of ActiveX control which your users will have to download when visiting your site. <BR><BR>Guess you&#039;ll have to search on this.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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