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    I used the following code in my asp page, but it just keep loading the page....can&#039;t even stop the loading... can anyone help? thanks<BR><BR>filePath=Server.MapPath("..Uploadpub lic\"& session("User") &" "& request.form("fileN") &"")<BR>Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR> If Not fs.FileExists(filePath) Then<BR> Set a = fs.CreateTextFile(filePath, True)<BR> a.writeline ("schoolname")<BR> a.writeline ("testtitle")<BR> a.writeline ("creator")<BR> a.writeline ("filecontent")<BR> a.Close <BR> Set a = Nothing<BR> end if<BR> Set fs = Nothing<BR>

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    check this, it does something real similiar to what you are trying to do.<BR><BR>http://askasp.com/articles.asp?ArtID=95

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