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    Are there any disadvantages to using VBScript classes in terms of code performance? I've seen people using them to accomplish fairly simple tasks, and I sometimes wonder if this is necessary on such a small scale, and if it might make things more complicated than they need to be. Any comments/suggestions?

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    I recall having seen a set of benchmarking tests where one variant of the application used VBS Classes.<BR><BR>It might have been The Nile.com sample<BR><BR>If you:<BR> Create an instance<BR> Set two properties<BR> Call one method to get a result<BR> Destroy the instance<BR>Then a class is overkill, you could call a function with the 2 parameters.<BR><BR>If the complexity of the class greatly simplifies or clarifies tasks in the actual page ( call a function to get something, pass that thing to annother function to get a second...), then the class is probably good.<BR><BR><BR>

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