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    Hi there...i&#039m a french webmaster trying to convert my site in asp. I&#039d like to know how to create a template page to be used by all my pages. Is this possible to create a template and then an administrator form to create and lay-out new pages ? Please help ! I&#039ve got Drumbeat 2000...but it&#039s not so easy !<BR>Best Regards from Paris,<BR>Charles

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    Hi Charles,<BR> Your question is certainly a tall order, but the answer is yes. How to get there is the hard part. First, most pages that use template pages have the content pulled from a database. That means that all your data would have to converted into a database.<BR> Another way, much less common because it offers none of the functionallity of the database such as online editing, is just using include pages as the template and the data stays in the same place on each page.<BR> Each of these ideas is not readily explainable, but I would suggest clicking on the link on the top of this page that says ASP. Click on the Organize by Subject link from there and you will see a section for beggining ASP. Take a look and you should get a better idea what to do.<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>Brandon Monahan

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