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    at another place of work, responsiblities of the IIS server were of someone elses. over there, when i had an error with my asp, it would process the page and write out the page up to the point of error, then give you the error message. now i just get the HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP Error. It's a generic Microsoft page. How do i change this so I can see what was processed up to that point?

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    have a look at<BR><BR>try a search for &#039;custom error&#039; or &#039;error handling&#039;<BR><BR>j

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    Default I think he means

    the &#039;Friendly HTTP errors turned off&#039;, you do it like this:<BR><BR>Go to the property page of your website (in the IIS management console) and on the tab &#039;Directory&#039; click the &#039;Configuration&#039; button. Then go to the tab &#039;App debugging&#039; and click the radio button &#039;Send detailed ASP error messages to the client&#039; <BR><BR>(this works for IIS5/Win2K in NT4 it should work about the same way)

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