I am stuck, can anyone help!

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Thread: I am stuck, can anyone help!

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    Hi,<BR>Firstly I would like to thank you for attempting to read this email. I would like to somehow to display text from our website into lots of other sites. For example lets say 50 people that have their own site hosted by Geocities, Freeserve ect.. I want them to embed my text into their html file. I have a database with the text in, (the text will change on a weekly basis) and I have and ASP file that stores the text, as a variable. Then I want all the people to display that text within their site. I don’t know if it will be JavaScript, VBSctipt or an ActiveX insert but does anyone know how I can do it. <BR>All your input and suggestion will be greatly received and appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks Steve Hammond<BR>

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    Well I&#039m not sure about how cross-browser friendly you need to be, but this can be accomplished if your users use frames or DHTML. Either load your page in a frame on their site, or use DHTML to open your url in a DIV box or something. You could always do a popup window, but those are extrememly annoying.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Nathan Pond

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