How to use a grid in ASP ?????

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Thread: How to use a grid in ASP ?????

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    Sham Sunder Gautam Guest

    Default How to use a grid in ASP ?????

    How to use a grid in ASP and how to use its various properties.<BR>Reply immediately....<BR>

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    Rupali Guest

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    You have to use the design time controls.<BR>place on your form in design option.go to the properties and You will get various options.In general one add the general one.In the &#039Data&#039 option,select the recordset.Preferably use the design time recordset tool.Select the fields accordingly will appear in your grid.<BR> You can change the size of the columns also.For adding edit,delete or add option as one of the column click on the &#039unbound&#039 button.In the field experssion you can give the expression with the link to take u to the form where it actually edits,add or delete.<BR><BR>the navigation bar option will help U to navigate through the records.<BR>The unbound option helps u to add any other field not including in the current recordset.<BR>This is what You can do in asp - grid.Hope this will help you.<BR>bye.<BR><BR>

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