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    I posted a question about "Requery a Recordset including order & group by? ". It was suggested I should use the "Requery Method". This is the description of that method: "Updates the data in a Recordset object by re-executing the query on which the object is based."<BR><BR>This isn&#039;t what I want to do - I don&#039;t want to update the data in the recordset. Instead I want to: <BR>1. Have one &#039;regular&#039; recordset<BR>2. Create another recordset by querying the first one as if it was a database-table with rows. <BR>3.Then I want to display content from both recorsets on the page. <BR><BR>PLEASE help!

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    Umm.. If using a disconnected recordset, you can use the .Sort property to physically sort a recordset.<BR><BR>I.e. you can pull information back from a database using a connection, disconnect from the database, and then manipulate the contents of that recordset.<BR><BR>If you have a look around (,, for "disconnected recordset", you&#039;ll find something. I was doing something similar the other week.<BR><BR>Bear in mind, however, that you won&#039;t be able to do anything fancy like dynamically sorting a table or something. Sorry if this sounds insulting - many people forget the client-server archetecture of the &#039;net and think they can get away with dynamically updating a page, or holding recordsets in session scope.<BR><BR>Seriously, if you&#039;re planning one of those. Just don&#039;t :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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