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    Espen ( Guest

    Default Please help me!!!

    Is there any way to retrieve a certain part of a record, for example only characters number 7 trough 13 ??<BR><BR>Thanx, Espen

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    Neil Popham Guest

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    Could you use:<BR><BR>&#062; SELECT Mid([Field1], 3, 5) As PartField1 FROM MyTable<BR><BR>This will extract 5 characters from Field1, beginning from character 3, and output as &#039PartField1&#039<BR><BR>You obviously have to ensure that ALL entries are at least 7 characters long...<BR><BR>you may need some conditions, eg:<BR><BR>&#062; SELECT IIf(Len([Field1])&#062;=3, IIf(Len([Field1])&#062;=7, Mid([Field1], 3, 5),Mid([Field1], 3)), [Field1]) As PartField1 FROM MyTable

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