delete problem from linked server . for Pete C, D

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Thread: delete problem from linked server . for Pete C, D

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    Default delete problem from linked server . for Pete C, D

    for Pete C, Dutch , EggsHeadCafe <BR><BR>week start on monday can&#039;t b any better ! non existence of PK was the reason. my problem is solved. <BR>thanks a million to all ( and a billion to Pete C :)<BR><BR>as u said who creates tables today without PK and unique indexes ? <BR>well i don&#039;t . but i do work on earlier created tables. agree i missed the fact <BR>that table was wthout PK. but till such a problem does n&#039;t come none notices such<BR>design issues. many a times a *workable* solution is provided to the client. <BR>qualiyt programming/ RDBMS designing/planning is secondary. business compultions <BR>take over. what is workable is also deliverable ( to the client ) <BR>irrespective whether workable is acceptable to standards of basic programming. <BR>i hope u understand what i mean . <BR><BR>anyway thanks a lot again. i was just about to develop an alternative ULGY answer to <BR>my problem. now i don&#039;t have to ! mils <BR><BR>

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    Default congratulations!

    Who said mondaymorning is a lousy morning? ;-)

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    Default I'm glad you got it working

    Also, sometimes there is a case for not putting PKs/indexes on tables. If you simply want to do a large number of inserts into a table and don&#039;t care so much about relationships.<BR><BR>I remember an old project where we were using SQL Server 6.5 and loading large amounts of records into "staging" tables using the BCP utility. <BR><BR>Pete

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