Each of our members receives 22-26 emails per month containing 1 task each. They are usually simple tasks (asking to visit a website), or sometimes a little more complicated ones (asking to register on a particular website). Tasks are different each time and they are chosen according to member&#039;s personal interests. In addition each member has the ability to increase his(her) earnings by referring other people.<BR><BR>Our members do not only get paid for direct referrals, but also for indirect ones, 5 levels deep.<BR><BR>Salary<BR><BR>- $6.00 for the registration<BR><BR>- $1.00 - 8.00 for each task completed<BR><BR>- 10 percent of direct referrals&#039; revenue (people that you refer to join us)<BR><BR>- 5 percent of indirect referrals&#039; revenue (referrals made by your referrals)<BR><BR>We pay by checks in US funds, written and cleared by national banks, which you can then deposit in your local bank. As our payouts and the number of members are very high, our standard check is $500.<BR><BR>You have nothing to lose and $$$ to gain.<BR><BR>http://www.nitroclicks.com/join.phtml?MaXeL84<BR><BR>Have question? e-job@xxx.lt<BR>