Ive wrote this script to get the ip address of a user store it in a database then when the user comes back it gets thier ip address and runs through the database to see if its already there<BR><BR>section of script causing problems<BR><BR><BR>Do While Not rsAdd.EOF<BR> if userIP = rsAdd("IP_Address") then<BR> test = 1<BR> exit do<BR> else <BR> rsAdd.movenext<BR>Loop ---------------------------------&#062; line 44<BR><BR>if test = 1 then<BR> rsAdd.AddNew<BR> rsAdd("IP_Address")= userIp<BR> rsAdd.Update<BR><BR>ive tried with out the loop to just add the ip to database and it works its the checking with the loop thats causing probs<BR><BR>ERROR<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a040e&#039; <BR><BR>&#039;loop&#039; without &#039;do&#039; <BR><BR>/ip.asp, line 44 <BR><BR>Loop<BR>^<BR><BR><BR>there are no loops before or after it <BR>im using PWS on win 98 with IE 6<BR><BR>if anyone can see a prob much appreciated its driving me crazy :)<BR>