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    Default two word tablename in sql

    I&#039;m still having a problem with this statement:<BR><BR>strSql="Select question" & cstr(fieldNum) & " from " _<BR> & [tableName] & " Where " & cstr(strsql2)<BR><BR>my table name is called Customer Relations<BR>with response.write strsql the statement appears correct in the FROM clause "Customer Relations"<BR>but yet nothing appears with my execute method except for when I just name it one word.<BR>I&#039;ve tried the underscore and checked for the case sensetivity.<BR><BR>in addition, the *tablename* variable is one element in an array.<BR>Any help would be apreciated,<BR>thanks

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    Default This is just plain bad db design...

    I&#039;m truly trying to help you here and make life easier for you and the guys who may have to maintain your database in the future. Simply don&#039;t use spaces in your table or column names.

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