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    Hi and thanks<BR>I&#039;m battling my way into (and hopefully through ) ASP.NET, and use the beta2 of VS. It seems to be set up for code behind, which is a pain to get used to. The stuff I&#039;ve got going already goes well. Fast. Is the end result of code behind any diferent to spaggeti ASP ?. If it wasnt for the dropdowns in VS.NET with all the properties and functions I think I&#039;d use notepad. I see Scott Mitchel( I have 2 of his books) is not keen on code behind. The code i&#039;ve written so far is much cleaner than the old Spag.ASP. Is Code behind really only a goer for big deals so as to keep the artist types out of the back end? Whats the go?<BR>All guidance appreciated<BR>Zeg<BR>

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    I started .NET without code behind and now I use them. I totally understand why you don&#039;t like them, but if you take the time to get used to it, it is very handy to have those drop downs and auto-completes in VS.NET. I haven&#039;t done any serious benchmarking, but I re-wrote our company&#039;s product catalog with VS.NET using code behind and it&#039;s a LOT faster than our *.asp version. But as far as comparing performance between code-behind and not, I dunno. What I do know is that what I have is very fast. Sorry I couldn&#039;t have a bettern answer

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