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    Default BOF/EOF problems "HELP"

    T have created "list" page which queries the DB and returns all requested records based on a request.QueryString and it creates the table as needed and populates it. I am not trying to link each record to a details page which will display specific info about the record. I create my connection and test the request.querystring with the following Response.Write (whatever) and this value is being passed. I use that value as follows:<BR><BR>dim stck_numbr<BR>stkdetail = (Request.QueryString("stck_numbr"))<BR><BR>set rs = conn.Execute("SELECT year, model, manufactr, price, stck_numbr, comments FROM stk WHERE type=&#039;"& stkdetail &"&#039;;")<BR><BR>then i test with Response.Write (stkdetail) and I get the correct value for detail but when I try to pull out a record with the following:<BR><BR>Response.Write Server.HTMLEncode("" & rs("year") & "")<BR><BR>I get an error which says either BOF or EOF or the record is deleted. Its not deleted and it is the BOF and EOF at the same time. How do I display a record if it is BOF and EOF at the same time?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Michael<BR>

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    Default Your recordset is empty.

    Your query does not return any result.

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