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    i have this table called personal<BR>to make a unique primary key i have made the<BR>P_contact_id a primary key where i choose the identity seed option for this coloumn and set the increament to 1<BR>Question:<BR>when i delete any record from this table the indexing does not change that means the next number does not take the number from the previous record.<BR>will there are about five tables that has been created in this way .do you think it is a good practice to do so.<BR>please tell me the pitfalls of using this kind of indexing....<BR>thank u in advance

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    If it did reassign your primary keys to other records, it would screw up any relationships with records in other tables.<BR><BR>It is most definitely not supposed to reassign unique key identity values.<BR><BR>Works as designed...And, in 99.9% of cases you should use this method in SQL Server to ensure your primary keys.

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