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    Some asp programs use language &#060;%@ language=perlscript%&#062;,how to debug it in my computer?<BR>Do i need install Perl?<BR>Thank you !

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    Durairaj Avasi Karunakara Guest

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    Before you develop ASP application with perl, You must download PerlScript and install it on your system.Perlscript can be freely downloaded from the internet at http://www.activestate.com/.perl for win-NT.<BR>If u need more detail contact me at raj.durai@aexp.com

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    Durairaj Avasi Karunakara Guest

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    Yes u have to install the Perl in Your server.<BR><BR>U have to distributted as three files<BR><BR>1. perl for win32 binary file<BR><BR>2. The perl script binary file it may requires perl for win32 binary file<BR><BR>3. The perl ISAPI file can be used to develop ISAPI appilication in Perl. Perl for ISAPI requires the perl for win32 binary file<BR><BR>U must download at least the perl for win32 and PerlScript files to develop ASP application in Perl.<BR><BR>Go and download the perl from http://activestate.com<BR><BR>If u need more, then mail me raj.durai@aexp.com<BR><BR>All the best!!!!

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