Hi,<BR> <BR> I&#039m running IIS 4 on NT 4. The webserver has two IP addresses. The PHYSICAL ADDRESS and a MAPPED ADDRESS. I&#039m using Microsoft Posting Acceptor (CPSHOST.DLL version to upload files to the webserver. <BR> <BR> The files are uploaded successfully and redirection after the upload also happens, when I connect to the webserver using the physical address. But when I use the mapped IP address and connect to the webserver, the files are uploaded but the redirection fails. I get the following error<BR> <BR>______________________________________________ ________________________________________<BR> <BR>File "xxx" uploaded successfully.<BR> <BR>Redirection to <BR> <BR>http://my.webserver.com/scripts/cpshost.dll?publish?http://my.webserver.com/xxx.asp<BR> <BR>Failed<BR> <BR>______________________________________________ ________________________________________<BR> <BR>Let me know what could be the problem and what is the fix.<BR> <BR>TIA<BR>Regards,<BR>Vinod.