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    I would like to have an input (text)box where by users can enter multiple values, e.g cat, dog, hat. Then these values will be searched in a database and displayed.<BR><BR>Could someone please advise me on the best way to do this.<BR><BR>thanks.

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    im not sure this is the best way but u could split the user input<BR>like so:<BR>lets say the input was : cats dogs<BR>thestr = request("search")<BR>thestrings = split(thestrings, " ")<BR>so the search words would be:<BR>thsstrings(0) = "cats"<BR>thestrings(1) = "dogs"<BR>you could replace what you don&#039;t want like , &#039; "<BR>thestr = replace(thestr, ",", " ")<BR><BR><BR>and so on<BR><BR>hope this helped

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