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    e.g. I use this code and I was wondering if theres a way to make it only process those "X("s that are NOT connected to any other word or whatnot, e.g. only X( if its seperate, not if itsX(<BR><BR>strInputComments = Replace(strInputComments, "X(", "&#060;img src=&#039;faces/smiley7.gif&#039;&#062;")<BR><BR>Is that even possible? or will I be forced to stick a space between it on both sides and/or just resort to using :angry: etc..

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    Try putting a space in the replace like this<BR><BR>strInputComments = Replace(strInputComments, " X(", "&#060;img src=&#039;faces/smiley7.gif&#039;&#062;") <BR><BR>

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