I have an html page that submits to a perl script, which searches through a binary database.<BR><BR>I want to set my search form so that the user can select to search for all terms and any terms they enter.<BR><BR>PROBLEM: Is there a java script that onChange in a drop down list of two choices that will allow me to change the action of the search form, so that if the user wants to search for any terms entered, the action="or.cgi" but if the user uses the drop down list to search for all terms entered, then the action="and.cgi" <BR><BR><BR>Detais:<BR>The default search is or -- which is compiled during indexing.<BR><BR>I can also change the search to and -- in a second set of duplicate indexes. <BR><BR>So onChange should redirect them to one or the other pages, although they are using the same form<BR><BR>