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    Hi All,<BR><BR>Some time ago we wrote a simple FTP component in VB using the Inet object. We set the URL, username, and password properties, etc. I&#039;m sure you know the drill. This component has worked like a champ until we ran into a weird problem that we are stumped about.<BR><BR>We use this component to transfer small text files from Windows machines to a Linux server. We have a Win2000 machine that is trying to transfer files but is failing. According to the logs from the Linux box, it apoears the FTP session is not in "passive" mode.<BR><BR>My questions:<BR><BR>1. Is there a way to control or set this in the Inet object?<BR>2. Could it have something to do with a setting or permissions on the Win2000 machine? (There is a Win98 machine 10 feet away that FTP&#039;s successfully)<BR>3. Anyone have any suggestions as to a component out there that would work better for us?<BR><BR>Thanks very much,<BR>Chip

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    I&#039;ve never done anything like it but this might help:<BR><BR>

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