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    Does anyone know how to maintain the state of a logged in user accross multiple applications...<BR><BR>For example, I have one web site has it&#039;s own IP address and validation screen...<BR><BR>However, I have a related web site that also has it&#039;s own IP address and validation screen...<BR><BR>What I want to be able to do is write a cookie when a user authenticates to one of the above web sites and read that cookie so that I know that they&#039;ve authenticated previously...<BR><BR>Does anyone have any suggestions..?

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    Default bounce them around

    Here&#039;s one possible solution<BR><BR>1.When user authenticates on website 1 write a cookie <BR>2.redirect them to some page on website 2 that writes a cookie <BR>3.redirect them back to website 1. <BR><BR>

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