Hello,<BR><BR>Though this looks long, the question isn&#039;t this big.. I just gave some background to make it understandable.<BR><BR>We have a debate going on between using stateful and stateless components, the only problem with stateless components seems to be losing easy way of coding (seeing the property list) on client side. <BR><BR>In stateful components where a class has all let and get properties.. when class is referred in client application, like <BR>set myLoan = new PropertyClass.Loan <BR>and when called myLoan.(dot)<BR>you will see the propert list (assuming public properties). <BR><BR>This is stateful becase.. instance of component needs to hold on to one value of loan so it can execute another methods of the same loan and/or to accept or return other property values of the same loan.. <BR><BR>say <BR>myLoan.LoanNumber = 45464545544 <BR>myLoan.DueDate = 02/02/03<BR>myLoan.MinPayment = $100<BR><BR>and so on<BR><BR>and finally myLoan.GetStatement <BR><BR>all the time, an instance is created and used because only that instance know what loan we are talking about.. <BR><BR>so with stateless we want to make it Send Input Get Output Period, from the client side. That gives a recordset back to client. But then we lose the capability to see the property list (or the list of fields in recordset). since we will have about 150 fields in some recordsets... it would make our life easy if we had that property list or Intellisense..<BR><BR>and I was wondering if there is anyway to get around this procedure.. that looks a lot like intellisense. <BR><BR>I tried Recordset, dictionary and collection objects to see if I can see the names of the fields when said rs.(dot) but seems like I am going nowhere..<BR><BR>Can anybody suggest me something please.<BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>