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    Can you get the value of a pages Meta tags ?, i.e:<BR><BR>x = request.???("meta-content) <BR>or <BR>response.write(meta content)??<BR><BR>I need to display the content bit of a pages meta tags for the results of a query, & i haven&#039;t got a clue!<BR><BR>T.I.A

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    meta-tags are used by the client only and are not sent to the server, so there is no simple way of getting them, I don&#039;t think they are even referable in client-side javascript.<BR><BR>The only thing you could try is use the FileSystemObject to get the html page in ASP, parse it to strip out the meta tags manually. (You could use index server to do this for you, but would probably take just as long in development time).

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