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    From everything that I have read and have seen - the only way to display data from a database is by doing a search. In other words you search for something and then the results are displayed on another page.<BR><BR>What I am trying to do is develop a “my links” section on our Intranet. Each Logon_User would be able to see their own Links every time they come to the Intranet. Now the way I figured this would be done is (AND PLEASE tell me if there is an easier way) is to have each Logon_User add a URL and Name of that URL – those values are past to the database and the when they come back to the main page the URL is shown under “My Links”<BR><BR>The problem is though – just as I stated above – How do I get that information to stay on the main page when it loads. If the only way to view data in a database is by doing search then what other way can I go about doing this?<BR><BR>Someone please help me I a thoroughly confused. <BR>

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    I am not sure if I understand the whole concept - but I do understand the concept of an Inranet...I am in the process of making a rather complex one right now that is ASP driven. What I did for any user realted items is link it to their UserName - which is unique. If you have a table called UserLinks - you could then list every link they submit as row to the table with the UserName field being the Key field. Then, when they come and Logon to their "home" page, you would automatically run a query: sSQL = "SELECT * FROM UserLinks WHERE UserName = &#039" & strUserName & "&#039" Then, build a small dynamic table that would hold all the links based on the results of your query...I hope that help...If someone has told you a better way, go for it!<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR>Scott

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    I&#039d suggest to have a table Users that have each user profile<BR>(UserName, Password, UserId as Primary Key, etc)<BR>and perform searches in a UserLinks and other tables using this unique ID. It&#039s used in many sites because search using an integer is faster then using a string, and for many other reasons

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