Hi,<BR> I have installed IIS and also CDONTS component (from NT option Pack 4). SMTP Services are installed in this system (Say system A) to use the CDONTS component from ASP. But SMTP server is not in this system. However we have a different system which is having public IP (Say System B) and SMTP server and IIS is configured in that system. From public IP system we are able to send mails using the CDONTS from ASP. Now I want to configure system A SMTP Services in a such a manner that I should be able to send mails through the SMTP Server of System B. Please note that both systems are in LAN.Please give me a solution to solve this problem. <BR><BR>An earlier solution of this problem is very much appreciable.<BR><BR>If possible, please mail the solution to vankireddy5@rediffmail.com<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Amar< BR>