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Thread: show EXCEL Content as text not numeric

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    Default show EXCEL Content as text not numeric

    I have a page which displays a list of account numbers and approved charges in the browser using application/ This is saved as xls and then imported in to the acc system.when I create the output it drops leading zeroes from the account codes ie 014 becomes 14. If I bung an apostrophe on the front of the account as it is displayed it solves the problem but the acc system doesn't like it .. is there a way of specifying that the content wil be text ???? NOT numeric

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    Default hook & crook way of it...

    i heard that having a trim function would possibly change the variable to string...<BR><BR>like trim(numvar) will return string version of numvar.can u try it or just use a cstr(var),butwill that be usefull for ur excel calculations??? just a guess,thats all

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    Default nope..

    trim returns a string with leading and trailing spaces removed.<BR><BR>i tried for a while to get leading zeros into an excel spreadsheet, but could not do it.

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