I am having trouble getting my ASP pages to update while COM is running in the background. This is an INTRANET application, and the COM is downloaded and runs on the CLIENT. The COM has to run on the client since it is creating and populating a database on the user&#039;s desktop.<BR><BR>On one page, I want to display an animated "Working, please wait" type message via ASP while the COM builds a local database on the user&#039;s desktop. Since this takes some time to complete (1-2 minutes), I want the messages the user sees while waiting to be constantly changing so the user does not think the application has stopped working. <BR><BR>I have tried this various ways, but I cannot get the ASP page to respond until after the COM finishes. (i.e. <BR>- I have built the page server side using Response.Write, <BR>- I have built the page, then issue a onLoad=window.open(newURLwithCOM)<BR>- I have also tried triggering an event AFTER building the window. The event response contains code to call the COM. <BR>- I have tried to start the action on my ASP page, then issue a window.open(newURLwithCOM) with a small pop-up. The action on the ASP page stops while the COM is running in the small window. <BR><BR>Response.Buffer=false and Response.Flush do not work since the COM is running on the Client-side.