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    Question 1)<BR>First, there are two different types of installation available from Microsoft&#039;s site, the .NET Framework SDK and ASP.NET<BR>The .NET Framework SDK is about 123MB.<BR>The ASP.NET is about 18MB.<BR>If I install the ASP.NET does it automatically mean that I`m installing the Premium Version? Yes or No ?<BR><BR>Question 2)<BR>When installing the .NET Framework SDK I&#039;m automatically installing ASP.NET which comes with the SDK but this ASP.NET is a Standard redistribuable one is that right? Yes or No ?<BR><BR>Question 3)<BR>Now I bought the Professional ASP.NET wrox book and in page 10 they mention that the Premium Version contains additional features such as:<BR>-Output Caching<BR>-Web Farm Session State<BR>-Code Access Hosting (sandboxed security for ASP.NET)<BR>-Support for 4 CPUs and above<BR>Assuming that the answer from question 1) is Yes then why is it that downloading the ASP.NET Premium Version (18MB) would contain additional features that aren&#039;t contained in the 128MB .NET Framework SDK? <BR><BR>Question 4)<BR>If the ASP.NET Premium Version holds more features, then why would someone what to download a bigger file (123MB) without having these features inside it?<BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    Default Check out FAQ # 162<BR><BR>hth

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