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    hello guys<BR><BR>i have a form which is a sort of survey where questions(aprrox 200) are from database.<BR>i have a form with question from questions table and answer will be a option button name of the option button is questionid from question table.<BR>now if i have one submit everything is fine.<BR>problem is i need to display these 200 questions in 20 pages (10 questions each) in a page (1.asp?p=1) to page (1.asp?p=20)<BR>in lst page i need to display a submit button. which i did.<BR>problem is:<BR>when i say submit i could not submit all 200 questions to results table instead i could submit only last 10 questions and answers to the database. <BR>solutions wanted for:<BR>how will submit all the 200 questions to db. remember questions are dynamic<BR>can anyone send sample codes..<BR>if someone sking me to do hidden variables i am displaying questions in same page (remember 1.asp?p=1 to 1.asp?p=20)<BR>sessionvaraibles but it might be tiresome and also low performance.<BR>any clues its urgent guys thanks for any help<BR>ASP ASAP<BR>thanks

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    Why don&#039;t you just put the answers in 10 at a time?<BR><BR>After the first page, you insert answers to the first 10 questions in the DB, giving that that record a Unique_ID number, then on the next page, you gather all the anwers and do an UPDATE statement WHERE answer_ID = that Unique_ID.<BR><BR>This way, you will also know if the user completed the survey or not, and when he/she got fed up with your 200 question survey.<BR>

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