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    Nancy J. Anderson Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>We have a problem where some users can not see all the items in a dropdown list. The top few items are missing. Unfortunately, I have not been around at these times (I&#039m an independent contractor) and have not been able to get a look at the asp generated source code. <BR><BR>My supervisor tells the end users to re-install Explorer, or upgrade to Explorer 5.0 which - he says - seems to solve the problem. <BR><BR>Has anyone else seen this sort of problem. <BR><BR>Thanks for your assistance,<BR>Nancy J. Anderson<BR>elrond@keyway.net

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    Corin Guest

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    PC or MAC? <BR><BR>I run into that problem with MAC&#039s quite often. What I have done is add a small period (text color=background color) in the ASP page just before the first RecordSet output

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    Nancy Anderson Guest

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    I believe the offending machines are all PC&#039s. I will verify. (I think the IS department only supports PC&#039s and company "approved" software. Lucky me, eh?)<BR><BR>Okay, so you add this artificial pause after the SQL execute and before outputing from the resulting RecordSet? Do you think an index (SQL Server 6.5) on the offending column(s) would help? <BR><BR>Thanks for you help,<BR>nancy<BR>

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