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    Jason Miller Guest

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    OOC, anybody know how to modify sharing permission (not the directory permissions, the share permissions) from a script?<BR><BR>Given: <BR> Sysadmin permissions with ADSI has give me a freshly created young share as per -- but everybody can see it. I don&#039t want everybody to see it through the file system; it&#039s got paths and source code and such. So what can alter the Sharing permissions? The article fails to make any mention of such a method.<BR><BR>Thanks,

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default $245 Answer From MS

    Can&#039t be done with ADSI. Need some sort of "rmtshare.exe" which has been around since NT 3.51 to make shares with permissions set on them.<BR><BR>"And I do _so_ feel the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest..."<BR><BR>(Note that used with aspExec, this really isn&#039t very difficult)

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