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    hi, <BR> we have a requirement wherein we have to develop an web based MS Word Editor, the speciality of this would be that user will be given a link to a doc, when clicked will open the doc in a new window, user can do all the manipulations as in MSword and especially Embedding. After changing, when he clicks on save, it should save back on to the server.<BR><BR>I have seen some OCX for HTML editing, if somebody has come across any possible solution to this ,kindly send me a mail at subramanya.aswath@wipro.com<BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>I could be wrong but I don&#039;t think you will be able to do this!<BR><BR>You can script the use of Word, but there are limitations and you can&#039;t do everything with scripting that you can do with the application itself. <BR><BR>

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    Default Well .. I belive...Everything is possible

    Hi Subramanya,<BR><BR>Yes I do belive its possible.... here let me share somthing about it.<BR><BR>you didn&#039;t mention that u do need within your Browser (Multiplatform). and who will be users... Internet or Intranet ?<BR>the reason is very important ...that could save ur lot of time and ofcourse.... Cost $$$ .....hehehee<BR><BR>You did mention do need MS-Word based.... I belive ... it shouldn&#039;t be necesary what people see it should be.... thier point of view is to develop a "What u see what u Get" style Text Editor with functioly working like MS Editor.... <BR><BR>One thing is ASP have nothing to do with this... hehhe..... yes ....if u understand what u are going to do..... I suggest to use java bas Applet/Application that will only solve your problem..... its mean you are going to generate one complete Word-Editor as functionly is simillar MS-Word... <BR><BR>Its tough but interesting... <BR><BR>I don&#039;t know how much u know about Java... but ASP is not correct platform to solve this..... ASP Does use for Dynamic results and I bleive people don&#039;t use for Intractive purpose....<BR><BR>Here is more that can help u but I belive its too time cousuming and costly for u.... and that is to desing your own Plugin that keep live with server and functionly work as Editor. Just like monster company create for standard. it seems this will go so far... and you will lose your tacks..... hehheee<BR><BR>Well you have very happy coding..<BR><BR>have a great day <BR><BR>0(&#039;.&#039;)0<BR><BR>A.Ali<BR>ali4d@ho tmail.com<BR><BR><BR>

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