HTML Email, CDONTS, and the Mac

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Thread: HTML Email, CDONTS, and the Mac

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    I hope not everyone was scared away by the title of the post. =)<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the problem. I&#039;m sending an HTML formatted email to users who are using a mix of mac and PC. everyone is using outlook of one form or another (express on the mac). I&#039;m playing around with a VERY simple page right now. It has basically 4 lines of text and then a form with 1 field. On the PCs, everything shows up correctly. On the mac, everything except the field and the submit button shows. I should note that they are receiving an attached file called smime.p7s on the mac.<BR><BR>In my ASP page, this is what I&#039;m using to set it to HTML:<BR><BR>objCDO.BodyFormat = 0 <BR>objCDO.MailFormat = 0<BR><BR>This was copied off of a 4guys article I believe. Anyone have some idea what&#039;s going on?

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    Is your HTML correct ... i.e., do you have &#060;FORM&#062; and &#060;/FORM&#062; tags enclosing your field and submit buttons? Some browsers can be very finicky about HTML coding (Netscape) and won&#039;t display objects that aren&#039;t called out correctly...

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