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    I installed teh MDAC 2.6 pack, and now some of the Jet drivers are not always working correctly. I tried to reinstall teh Jet pack, but it is not working. IIS administration is new to me. Has this happened to anyone? Any ideas on how to get suppport on this? I was wokring with a database last night at 3MB size, and it suddenly blew up to 500 MB, I think due to the Jet database engine. Help, please!

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    Two things: <BR><BR>Firstly, isn&#039;t MDAC 2.6 still only in beta? If so, there may be problems and installing it on a system if you&#039;re not used to IIS administration was somewhat of a bad decision.<BR><BR>Secondly, you may be able to compact the database. I think it&#039;s in one of the toolbars someplace. It may shrink the database back to your original size. I had this problem with a 300kb Access database shooting to 10MB. I compacted it and it was back down at a decent size.<BR><BR>Hope they help...<BR><BR>Craig.

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    MDAC 2.6 is a released version. 2.7 is the current version in beta release.

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