Here is the issue - I have a table in a database that I am querying to build a report - <BR><BR>This table consists of agents that report to other agents. If I look up an agent, I can see who all reports to him/her, and who he/she reports to. That same table contains all agents that report to whoever, and whoever that report to them. Not my favorite way to manage data, but that is my customer.<BR><BR>I am trying to design a tree menu type drill down showing all of this, with cool plus sign / minus sign expand/contract looks, etc. <BR><BR>For example, If I punch in agent 7000, I will get a tree menu with main item results of lets say, 20 agents that report to 7000. Each agent has a plus sign next to their number, and when I expand the plus sign on that individual agent, I get THEIR list of people that report to THEM, while still maintaining the rest of the list. This will "drill down" about five levels of reporting, and if you can help me, I would be forever in your debt.<BR><BR>Aaron<BR>