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    geeoff Guest

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    I want to display data to users on an x-y plot (on an ASP page) as in comes into my Oracle db. Has anyone done this before??<BR><BR>-geeoff

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    Mark Guest

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    One easy method is to use third party components.<BR>Third party components must be purchased and registered on the web server. Database queries (SQL) can be run against a database, the recordset results can be graphically displayed using third party components. Checkout (ChartFX), or (ASPChart).<BR><BR>Also, recordset result could be saved to a pre-established range in an Excel file using ADO Provider for Excel. This Excel file would already have an a-y plot chart established. you then could simply direct the client to view the Excel file via a hyper link. this of course, requires that the client have MS Excel installed on their pc, or at least an MS Excel viewer.

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    If you set your page to expire and refresh every five seconds, you could use html to display a dot graph. In the page, you can use full stops and place them on an X-Y co-ordinate.<BR><BR>&#060;div style="position:absolute; top:200; left: 200;"&#062;.&#060;/div&#062;<BR>&#060;div style="position:absolute; top:187; left: 210;"&#062;.&#060;/div&#062;<BR><BR>Using these divs like this, you could plot a graph of dots.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Matthew

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    Rokea Guest

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    In my opinion, the best way of doing this would be like this:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Rokea

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