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    The entry page for this site is straight HTML but all the internal links are .asp . The HTML page loads fine but none of the links will work (500 error msg page). I suspect this is a server problem but have been unable to put my finger on it. The server is WIN2000 with IIS 5.0. If some one can give me a clue please respond to my email address if possible. However, I will periodically check this board for a response to this posting. TIA

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    when i get the 500 error, i check the logs to see the error message since nothing is shown in the browser. often times, there is an error in the script and iis5 chokes on it, giving the 500 error. if you comment out the code where you think there may be an error, then run the script again, hopefully you won&#039;t get the 500 error. then un-comment out the stuff and run the script again, you should see the error message you saw in your log files.<BR>it sounds funky, but it works.<BR><BR>regardless if you try this or not, you should check the logs and you will (hopefully) see an error message<BR><BR>justin

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