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    I&#039;m setting a rather complex bit of code here but can&#039;t figure out the logic here. Here&#039;s the deal:<BR><BR>I have an Access database with a DateTime field for each record. A time stamp is inserted anytime someone adds or updated the record.<BR><BR>On my ASP page, I want to have a section that will show up if the difference between the timestamp and the current system timestamp is less than an hour.<BR><BR>The process is being used in a news site. If the story was added within the hour, a "Breaking News" section would appear on the homepage. If an hour has expired since the story was added, then the section would not appear on the homepage.<BR><BR>Anyone have any idea how I could accomplish this? Obviously, there has to be a calculation involved that would include time and date.<BR><BR>If you have any ideas, please email me at<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR >Charles.

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    Default u have

    the datediff function in vbscript which would help out in this

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