I have a COM Component which does what I want it to do when used in a VB form. The same machine runs PWS and when I use the component in an ASP page it doesn&#039t work the same way. Infact, some time back it worked fine. It&#039s crazy. The following code segments are what I use :<BR><BR>&#039code used in VB<BR>Set ic = CreateObject("InetControl.InetCtrl")<BR>serverName = "asp101.com"<BR>url = "/forum/display_forum.asp"<BR>res = ic.OpenURL(serverName, url)<BR>MsgBox res<BR><BR>&#039code used in ASP<BR>Set ic = Server.CreateObject("InetControl.InetCtrl")<BR>ser verName = "asp101.com"<BR>url = "/forum/display_forum.asp"<BR>res = ic.OpenURL(serverName, url)<BR>Response.Write res<BR><BR>The OpenURL method should return the html that would be rendered if the URL were given in a web browser, which it does in VB but not in ASP.