Our ASP pages are retrieving data by calling VB objects that use the recordset object to retrieve data from Oracle. This has been working fine. The problem is that we now want to use the Command object to retrieve the data so we can use parameters. This seems easy and in the VB object all seems to be working fine. That is, after the call to Oracle, the command object is returning a recordset and I can retrieve the data out of the recordset (in debug mode). We are passing this recordset back to the ASP page by setting the function to the recordset (Set GetMyData = rs). Then the ASP page takes the recordset returned and does its thing. When we used the Recordset object to query Oracle, this worked great. But when we try it this way (with the Command object), the ASP page doesn&#039t see any data in the recordset.<BR><BR>Should this work? If so, what am I doing wrong?<BR><BR>--------------<BR>Mark Reddick<BR>mreddick@scottysmkt.com<BR>